En path to Hovering: Crusing into the Valley of the Gods in Utah

THE VALLEY OF THE GODS, in southeastern Utah, embodies a wild nation. Within the absence of established trails, campgrounds or amenities, this 35 sq. mile expanse receives considerably fewer guests than the close by Monument alValley Monument, making it a chief location for hikes within the backcountry. However possibly one of the simplest ways to discover it’s not on foot, however from above, as will be witnessed by Shane Denherder, a helicopter pilot from america. Military became paragliding. A motorized glider "provides you the last word freedom to discover," he says – although not with out occasional hiccups.

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At a latest outing, Denherder broke down gasoline as he approached his rendezvous level with photographer Chris Burkard. It could have been catastrophic in a unique kind of airplane, little doubt. However with the paraglider, Denherder safely descended 2,000 ft and even circled a 350-foot-tall formation known as DeGaulle and His Troops (see right here). "I used to be not careworn about it," he says. "You might have simply slipped slowly and landed."

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