Seed Pâté

Put together this seed pie while you need one thing in your fridge that may simply be integrated into any snack or meal. That is a kind of issues that may please chilaquiles, be coated with a quesadilla, mendacity in a yoga bowl, get pleasure from subsequent to (or as a substitute of hummus), unfold on a slice of bread … you get what I’m saying.

The bottom is manufactured from seeds which have been soaked for some time after which blended in a creamy and full-bodied puree. On this case, I labored with contemporary herbs and garlic, however it’s not tough to think about other ways to method the bottom. I like to complete the dough with a little bit of miso – for taste, seasoning and a simple dietary consumption.

That is additionally ample for the spoon – for instance, as a substitute for seed-based almond butter.

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